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It may seem like everyone you know who is over the age of 50 has lost at least one tooth, if not a full arch. Tooth loss may seem as though it is one of the inevitable consequences of growing older, but there is no reason you cannot enjoy your natural smile for life. We encourage you to take steps now to prevent tooth loss. 

Brush and Floss Every Day

Regular thorough dental care is the key to maintaining your smile and enjoying excellent dental health. As you age, dental enamel weakens and can erode more easily due to bacteria and acids from food. Daily dental care removes the plaque, bacteria, and food particles that can harm your teeth, leaving your smile fresh and protected.

Visit Fischer Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Every Six Months, or As Recommended

Semi-annual dental visits allow Dr. Katherine B. Fischer & Charles C. Fischer and our team to monitor your oral health and detect any undiagnosed dental problems that would otherwise have gone undetected for some time. Because teeth, gums, and jawbone become more vulnerable with age, it’s more important than ever to address dental problems as soon as possible. Drs. Fischer may recommend that you visit the office more often than the standard every six months if you struggle with weakened dental health or a chronic condition such as gum disease.

Be Aware of the Side Effects of Your Medication

Some medications include side effects that can be damaging to your oral health, such as dry mouth or an increased risk of gum disease. Please speak with your dentist and doctor if you are concerned about the medication you take and would like to discuss changes to your prescription.

Trade Sugary and Acidic Food for Tooth-Friendly Options

Foods and drink that are high in sugar or acid (including citrus fruits) can wear down the tooth enamel that protects your teeth. We encourage you to choose tooth-healthy meal options such as apples, celery, and low-fat dairy products.  

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