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Did you know that your tongue has over a thousand taste buds on it? Have you ever heard that your tongue is actually the strongest muscle in your body? Your tongue plays an important role in helping you breathe, eat, and even speak. Caring for your tongue well will help you stay more comfortable and maintain great oral health.

While you could consider simply using a toothbrush, did you know that there is actually a tool specifically designed to help you clean your tongue? These tools, which are known as tongue scrapers, are generally used to remove bad bacteria. This will help you prevent or address bad breath, and could help your teeth, gums, and tongue stay healthy.

Tongue scrapers are specifically designed to help you keep your tongue clean without activating your gag reflex. But please note that not every tongue scraper is identical. In fact, many are made from different materials. Two common materials are stainless steel and plastic. While stainless steel tongue scrapers may trigger some people’s gag reflex, plastic scrapers are typically smaller—which makes them even more useful for those who struggle with this reflex.

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