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Have you ever asked yourself if there were more precise ways to clean and sterilize your mouth that does not involve cutting or drilling? In an ever-growing dental industry, lasers are becoming more popular for those exact tasks. Thanks to their precision, lasers are highly effective at preparing your mouth for an assortment of oral health services.

One of the most common uses for laser dentistry is to screen patients for oral cancer via cancer biopsies. Oral cancer is a potentially lethal disease that should be checked for as often as your dentist recommends. With lasers, a small amount of gum tissue is taken from your mouth for the biopsy.

Lasers also work well as light activators for professional tooth whitening treatments and to perform basic tasks such as easily removing canker sores and lesions from your inner cheek tissue. Lasers are also helpful for preparing teeth for a range of dental procedures. Before a cavity is filled in, the area around the cavity must be sterilized and any decay must be cleared. After lasers clear the area, dental fillings can be accurately set for a long-lasting hold for many years to come. Similar technology allows lasers to also be used to prepare teeth for root canals.

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