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The mineral density of your tooth enamel plays an essential role in preventing tooth decay and other damage to your teeth. Your enamel also gives your teeth the strength to bite and chew your food.

Fluoride helps to maintain the strength of your tooth enamel. Many local governments have added fluoride to their water supplies. Families living in areas that don’t have fluoridated water might be at increased risk of enamel erosion. If your routine dental checkup at Fischer Family and Cosmetic Dentistry reveals a problem like this, our dentist Dr. Katherine B. Fischer & Charles C. Fischer might provide you with prescription for daily fluoride supplements. This could come in the form of sublingual tabs, gels, a concentrated fluoride toothpaste or a specially formulated fluoride mouthwash. Ingestible fluoride supplements need to be taken as directed. Concentrated toothpaste or a mouthwash are best used right before you go to sleep for the night. This will allow the fluoride to saturate the microscopic pores of your tooth enamel.

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