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Did you know that gum disease (or periodontal disease) is one of the biggest factors in adult tooth loss? This shouldn’t be ignored, but since gum disease can be painless, you may not even be aware that you have it unless you see your dentist regularly.  So what should you look out for? Symptoms may include swollen or red, tender gums, bleeding gums, loose teeth, persistent bad breath and receding gums.

The main culprit in gum disease is plaque–a sticky, bacterial film that forms every day on your teeth. This is why you want to brush and floss every day, faithfully, as it removes plaque and prevents it from hardening. Once plaque hardens, you will need to have it professionally removed by one of our dentists, Dr. Katherine B. Fischer & Charles C. Fischer.

Preventing periodontal degeneration can be as easy as detecting it early, and at this stage, it is usually reversible. This is why you don’t want to miss those scheduled dental visits. In the early stages, treatment includes stepping up your oral hygiene routine–brushing at least twice each day and flossing at least once–followed by a professional dental cleaning.

For advanced gum disease, treatment depends on how far the degeneration has gone. Dr. Katherine B. Fischer & Charles C. Fischer may recommend additional professional dental cleanings, improved at-home oral hygiene, antibiotic treatment, scaling and root planing (deep cleanings), or gum surgery to help overcome this condition.

We encourage our patients to take their gum health as seriously as the health of their teeth. If you have any concerns about your oral health, please call 703.994.4626 today. At Fischer Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Centreville, Virginia, Dr. Katherine B. Fischer & Charles C. Fischer and our team are here to help you achieve your healthiest smile!