If periodontal disease or other conditions have caused defects to develop in your mouth, then come and see our dentists for gum and jawbone corrective treatments. We offer many procedures at Fischer Family and Cosmetic Dentistry which can repair these problems, improving both your appearance and lifestyle. Contact Drs. Fischer if you want to receive gum and jawbone corrective treatment in Centreville, Virginia.

Our gum and jawbone corrective treatments are used to repair flaws and deficiencies in these areas. These problems often develop as a result of periodontal disease, injury, and birth defects. Some of the corrective treatments we offer for gum tissue include:

  • Crown Lengthening: This procedure will expose healthy tooth structure by removing the excess gum tissue that creates a gummy smile.
  • Gum Graft: If your gum line is uneven or parts of it have recessed, we can repair it by placing gum tissue over the affected areas.
  • Pocket Reduction Surgery: Deep periodontal pockets collect bacteria, but our dentists can shrink them by scaling, cleaning, and smoothing out areas under the gum line.

Your jaw can also develop problem from periodontal disease. Some of the procedures we offer for it include:

  • Ridge Modification: Our team can fill unsightly ridges in the upper jaw by placing bone grafts in the affected areas.
  • Bone Grafts: We can strengthen jaws that have a low bone density by applying bone grafts in the affected areas.

Call our dental team today if you want to benefit from our gum and jawbone corrective treatments.