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If you are concerned about the health and appearance of your smile and are interested in professional dental assistance, we offer these five tips to help you boost your smile’s health.

1. Eat a healthy diet. What you eat influences your risk of tooth decay, and a healthy diet is vital to your smile’s health. A balanced diet requires foods from each food group, including dairy, protein, and fruits and vegetables.

2. Limit sugary drinks and food. We encourage you to restrict sugary food and drink to mealtimes because consuming these alongside other foods is less damaging than enjoying the product by itself. Additionally, you should not use fruit juice to substitute natural fruits and vegetables because these drinks are high in sugar.

3. Avoid smoking, or quit now. Smoking stains your teeth, causes bad breath, and contributes to medical conditions such as gum disease, breathing issues, and lung cancer. You are six times more likely to develop mouth cancer by smoking 20-plus cigarettes a day than if you don’t smoke at all.

4. Reduce your intake of alcohol. Alcohol can erode tooth enamel, and high amounts of alcohol increase your risk of tooth decay, which can cause you to need a dental filling from the dentist.

5. Take steps to whiten your smile. You can maintain the appearance of your smile by limiting staining substances such as coffee, tea, wine, and cigarettes. Dr. Katherine B. Fischer & Charles C. Fischer perform teeth whitening treatment to reduce stains and brighten your teeth.

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