The Dangers of Gum Disease

Are you aware of the dangers gum disease can have on your oral health? Gum disease is a term many people have heard, but fewer understand the seriousness of this condition. That is why Drs. Fischer and Fischer in Centreville, Virginia, are here to talk to you about this serious condition and why it should… Read more »

Fluoride Supplements Can Help Maintain Strong Tooth Enamel

The mineral density of your tooth enamel plays an essential role in preventing tooth decay and other damage to your teeth. Your enamel also gives your teeth the strength to bite and chew your food. Fluoride helps to maintain the strength of your tooth enamel. Many local governments have added fluoride to their water supplies…. Read more »

Superior Smiles Benefit From Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth properly often depends on a myriad of factors. Even if you have the best utensils in the world, it doesn’t matter if you’re not using it correctly. Thus, make sure that you are taking your time and practicing brushing safely and effectively. If you have any additional questions, feel free to speak… Read more »

How Sleep Apnea Affects Your Oral Health

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder marked by interrupted breathing or obstructions in the airway during sleep, and it affects many individuals. This condition should be treated as soon as you become aware of any symptoms of sleep apnea. Untreated sleep apnea can significantly affect your oral health, and vice versa. Although spotting symptoms of… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Not Created Equally

Not all wisdom teeth are made the same way. In some cases, wisdom teeth never erupt. Do you understand why? Find out in this post about wisdom teeth by continuing and reading on below. If you would like to have your wisdom teeth pulled, feel free to please call our office to arrange you a… Read more »

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you interested in whitening your smile? If so, good for you! There are many treatments available that can help you reach the smile you desire. Our s, Dr. , encourages you to consider an in-office, professional teeth whitening treatment so you can achieve the goals you want. There are many benefits of professional teeth… Read more »

Boost Your Smile’s Health With These Five Tips

If you are concerned about the health and appearance of your smile and are interested in professional dental assistance, we offer these five tips to help you boost your smile’s health. 1. Eat a healthy diet. What you eat influences your risk of tooth decay, and a healthy diet is vital to your smile’s health…. Read more »

Tooth Loss Is Not a Stepping Stone to Retirement

It may seem like everyone you know who is over the age of 50 has lost at least one tooth, if not a full arch. Tooth loss may seem as though it is one of the inevitable consequences of growing older, but there is no reason you cannot enjoy your natural smile for life. We… Read more »

A Primer on Water Flossing

So you’ve obtained or otherwise received a water flosser, but you’re intimidated by using it. You’re used to flossing, and this new machine is the genesis of the robot uprising. Many of our patients actually choose water flossing to traditional flossing, and though the change from traditional flossing can take some time to get used… Read more »

Tips for Halloween: Candies to Avoid

We hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween this holiday season. With all the ghosts and ghoulies coming our way, don’t get trapped ‘goblin’ down too many sweets. If you are not careful, you could find yourself spooked with a new cavity or two. Prevent dental damage by exercising safe and effective oral health care treatments… Read more »